Turn your 401k plan into your best recruiter.

Streamline Administration

Maximize The Benefit

Attract & Keep Top Talent

Most companies put their 401k on autopilot.

But they miss out on key opportunities to make it a compelling asset.


Is someone actively managing it to help get the best performance for you and your employees?


Is the plan tooled for downside protection, helping all employees feel more confident in their retirement?


Does your 401k plan include an advocate helping employees better manage their whole financial life, not just their retirement?

Turn a single benefit into a
game-changing advantage.

The job market is tighter than ever. In order to find and keep the best talent, you need every possible asset on your side. But too many people rush to trendy, short-term offerings that offer little upside. In other words, they don’t offer something that provides the biggest thing employees want: security.

We are experts in company 401k plans. Our team knows how to review your plan and make sure it’s optimized for the best performance, while also giving you a low, flat fee for the work. Give your employees the financial certainty they deserve.

The path to a 401k powerhouse is easy

Step 1: Schedule a meeting.

We do a free 401k audit to see how your plan stacks up.

Step 2: We go to work.

Our team manages your plan to make sure it’s optimized for better performance.

Step 3: You're the hero.

Your employees get a better plan, you pay less for management, and you do less work.

Experience the Henderson Difference

Flat-Fee Based

We work on a flat-fee, regardless of the size of your company plan.

Team of Experts

Get access to a group of industry leaders ready to help your company.

Veteran Owned

We are committed to our communities, our country, and working with supreme excellence.

Independent Advisor

We report to you and your needs, not sales quotas or proprietary products.

A few members of our 401k family:

What is your 401k plan missing?

In today’s competitive job market, your 401k plan should be a major differentiator. If it’s done right. Discover the missing pieces your plan should have.

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