Be confident in your financial
without paying more in fees.

We are a wealth management firm delivering the same expertise, service,
and roadmap without paying for someone else’s vacation home.

Get clarity on your finances

Keep more of what you earn

Retire with confidence

Too many people are uncertain about their finances and their future.

And to top it off, getting confidence becomes unnecessarily expensive.


Staying current on wealth management, tax changes, and retirement planning feels like a part-time job.


There's an idea of a preferred future, but nothing gets done to bring that future to life.


Higher rates for basic work means you lose more of your hard-earned money.

You should keep more of what you worked for.

Most people don’t have a clear, comprehensive plan for the whole financial life. From planning to retirement, they stumble forward, never knowing if they have enough for the life they want.

At Henderson Wealth Management, we support your entire financial life, from the initial plan to managing your assets. And with the most competitive fees in the industry, you keep more of your money to use for the future you deserve.

A better financial future is just three steps away:


Step 1: Schedule a meeting.

We discuss your current situation and how we help.

Step 2: We go to work.

We create the financial plan you need to live the life you want.

Step 3: Enjoy.

Sit back, relax, and know your wealth is handled for you.

Experience the Henderson Difference

Team of Professionals

Get access to a group of industry leaders ready to help your company.

Independent Advisor

We report to you and your needs, not sales quotas or proprietary products.

Flat-Fee Based

We work on a flat-fee, regardless of the size of your company plan.

Veteran Owned

We are committed to our communities, our country, and working with supreme excellence.